Drillrite Machinery

Drillrite tillage drill

Drillrite is proud to offer a direct/conventional tillage drill that is specifically designed and built to handle New Zealand’s tough working environment. With the unique 4 inch row spacing the Drillrite is well suited to dairy and dry stock applications for grass rejuvenation and fodder crop establishment.

The drill is designed around an ultra-heavy duty galvanised frame and headstock arrangement. This not only gives the drill great corrosion protection attributes but also gives it market leading strength. Torsion arms are also attached to the hopper via the headstock to prevent any lateral movement. In turn this makes the drill a totally rigid and steadfast unit that can also comfortably tow a roller or consolidation press.

There are two models available; the H-300-20 and H-30029 as a 20 or 29 run tine drill with 4 inch row spacing. The heart of the unit is an ultra-heavy duty galvanised frame which is corrosion resistant. The heavy duty coil tines with a baker boot are mounted on three rows keeping the length of the unit short. This allows great ground following characteristics on hill country.

The optional disc openers attached to the front of the drill have their depth controlled via a hydraulic ram. These are an essential addition to any tine drill where minimal ground disturbance is required. It also aids in trash throughput and breaks down crop residue.

Available with a range of fertiliser and seed bin options, the drills can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

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